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About Us

Mobile Advertising

Mobile Advertising was established in 2001, in response to an urgent need from established businesses in the Pattaya area. Business owners felt the available advertising channels were far from adequate, to attract a fair portion of the huge year round tourist and expatriate population. Existing newspapers, booklets and television advertising were limited due to their nature. Each existing advertising medium is dependant on a tourist or visitor happening upon them, therefore having to be in the right place at the right time.

Mobile Advertising changed all this.

Our Product in Brief

From the company's inception Mobile Advertising have been providing a new and unique product which is not dependant on tourists and expatriates either buying or traveling to selected establishments. Mobile Advertising has an agreement with the Song Taew (Taxi) association of Pattaya, which allows them to place advertising on both the inside, and outside of their vehicles.

The advertising is professionally mounted using custom made frames.

The Pattaya Song Taews

A Song Taew is the Thai name for the licensed Pick-up truck, which has been converted to carry passengers, and is hailed from the street. The Song Taews in Pattaya are used by locals, expatriates and tourists alike. There are no local buses or traditional taxis so the Song Taews provide an important service. The Song Taews are capable of carrying in excess of twelve passengers and are operational for an average of eighteen hours per day (two-driver shifts). Some of the main characteristics, when using Song Taew advertising are as follows:

  • Each vehicle is operational for an average of eighteen hours per day, seven days a week, all year round.
  • Song Taews are both safe and easily affordable, so achieve very high customer numbers.
  • Vehicles can be easily seen at all locations throughout the city. Tourists, Local Thais and Expatriates all use the service.

Market Penetration

Advertising Exposure

Mobile Advertising effectively reaches both the tourist mass market and expatriates alike, successfully encompassing all areas of Pattaya City. These areas include hundreds of hotels, tourist attractions, entertainment venues, shopping malls, restaurants and bars.
A mobile advertising campaign will have a huge impact at street level, being viewed by Pedestrians, Vehicle Drivers, Vehicle Passengers and Song Taew customers (using the service).

This media format reaches the mass market irrespective of native language or nationality, because the vast majority of persons purchase publications in their own language, Mobile Advertising is free and for all to see. A Campaign of just 50 Song Taews has the potential to be viewed by more than 200,000 persons per month, excluding traffic, pedestrians and others within view.

Mobile Advertising cannot 'under publish' or fabricate figures because the product is there for all to see. All customers receive a list of the Song Taew numbers and/or pictures where their advertising is placed.

Mobile Advertising Customers

Our current customer base is particularly diverse and includes many of the cities principal companies. Among them are hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues, insurance & finance, travel & tourism, sports & leisure and real estate companies.

Many of today's customers have been with Mobile Advertising from the very start, which is testimony to the product and the way Mobile Advertising is operated.

Comments are always encouraged and welcome as we recognise that customer feedback is a vital component of our continual improvement process.

Although it is impossible to state that all past customers have been totally satisfied with our type of advertising, it is understood that the vast majority have achieved their goals and business objectives.

Here are a few of the most common benefits stated by customers.

  • Improved product or service awareness.
  • Revenue growth.
  • Increased customer turnover.
  • Improved location awareness.
  • Significantly higher number of enquiries.
  • Customers arriving Direct to the door via the Song Taew.
  • Reduction in advertising budget whilst improving or maintaining visibility.
  • Increased Target Audience.

Advertising Positions

Total Wrap

All advertising positions of Baht Bus, for your exclusive use.

Individual Positions

We also have a number of different options to choose from to handle a wide varity of Price / Exposure requirements.


(21cm x 30cm)


(21cm x 30cm)


(210cm x 23cm)


(145cm x 60cm)


E1 - (30cm x 75cm)
E2 - (60cm x 150cm)

Optional leaflet dispenser free


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Mobile: 0892 894 286
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Email: bahtbuspattaya@gmail.com

Unit 225/483-484, Duck Square,
225 Moo 10, South Pattaya Road,
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Chonburi 20260, Thailand.